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Monday, June 25, 2012

Oh no.

I decided to see how Soul Noob was doing, because of all of the recent changes.  Answer?  I'm not doing too well on this Bounty Hunter.  I'm in pretty deep water.
As it already was, Soul Noob wasn't the best on the block.  I was a bit of an idiot (I realize it now) to purchase the Independence Cleaver and Carrierzooka for Soul Noob last year.  Now, where armor is the difference between life and death, I /facepalm/.  Plus, low-level weapons were buffed (Independence Cleaver and Carrierzooka were not buffed except that Carrierzooka gained +2 damage).  Low-level.  And to make matters worse (What is wrong with me?) I bought Overkill today. 
I wasn't prepared for the decline in stats. 

If I'm not lucky, I won't be able to pull out of the mid-20s rut and Soul Noob will just be another dead character.

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