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Wednesday, June 13, 2012


This post is a bit different from others, because I finally played some more Aurum Blade.  Just saying.

~Aurum Blade~ Powerleveling (36 to 47)
A few days ago, I managed to get my hands on my mom's iPad and started to play Aurum Blade, because I make an effort to keep in touch with games I'm blogging about.  (What happens when I don't do that?  Well, I haven't played Angry Birds in a while.)  I managed to beat the Chaos Golem, a level 30 boss, at level 41.  I advanced a few more floors and right now I am currently at floor 12.
Unless you've actually played Aurum Blade before, you might be wondering just what I'm talking about.  Well, the only way to understand what I say is to play the game!  I think I mentioned this in my other post about AB (yes, I know, Angry Birds is also AB, but it's Aurum Blade I'm talking about here)- Aurum Blade is $0.99 on the App Store, and yes, it is worth the money (even though I didn't pay for it- I snagged it while it was free for a while).
Okay, from here on to maybe the last word of the AB part of this post, I'll assume that you bought AB and you started a new character.  (I'll pull some information and pictures from here.)
I can't tell you which character to start with- you'll have to pick on your own.  There are three characters to pick from- Allen, Sigmund, and Enoshu.  My main character is Allen, my secondary Sigmund.  (There are only three save slots, and three characters, so you can have one character to one slot.)  I'll just let you know that
/begin quote from Aurum Blade Site/-------------------------------
Allen : Allen is specialized in one handed weapons. He is fast but has weak damage. To compensate for this, it is important to increase his critical damage.
Sigmund : Sigmund is slow but has very strong power with two handed weapons. His strong attack power results in high critical damage but lacks in critical rate.
Enoshu : Enoshu uses staffs and wands. She is specialized in magic powers requiring more INT stats.
/end quote/--------------------------------------------------------- 
And that Enoshu has a general lack of defense.

Okay, let's say that now you chose your character.  Now onto the game itself.  The beginning takes place in Shining Dawn Village.
The details are kind of hazy, since it's been a while, but I think that the game starts with Gordon, a bald evil guy (I know, sounds funny) asking (you know, in a mean way- he's not very polite) Simon (a guy semi-important to the story) to "hand over the girl".  He keeps on refusing (something like that) and then Duke Marduk (the evil head honcho) arrives.  The townspeople resist (that is, three) and then (apparently) Marduk gets pissed off.  He turns the three (so much for resisting) townspeople into skeletons.  (Fun.)  
This is when I get confused.  All I remember after this is (in no order) that "the girl", Celty, turns herself in (/startsarcasm"because she can't have people dying for her"/endsarcasm), the hero (you) appears and your first joyful assignment is to fight off three level 1 skeletons, and Marduk leaves with Celty for the Philosopher's Tower, a huge tower that has a lot of floors and happens to be conveniently located just north of Shining Dawn.
You can tell (by my sarcasm and the amount of parentheses used) that I'm not the most accurate source of the storyline (at least the beginning).  If you want a more accurate account, go and buy the game!  Just do it.

~ED~ The Blueprint Scraps finally have a use!

Weapon preview 2
Weapon preview 1

^ :O The weapons are finally (actually, almost) here!

In this part of my blog post, I will pick and take apart a rare DNs from Nightwraith.

First things first- To obtain access to these weapons (which you may or may not be drooling over right now) you need four Blueprint Scraps.  A few weeks ago, during the Bionic Battalion Saga, I talked a bit about the "mysterious Blueprint Scraps" and how it was a separate mission chain from the main BB Saga one.  Well, now, they're not so mysterious, and we can finally use them.  After obtaining all four (the last mission chain-yes, chain- to get the last Scrap is way harder compared to the others), you're to go to Silas Auer or the Lawman, depending on your alignment.  After completing the mission "The Bigger Picture" (get it?), you'll get a Locker Key for your alignment.  The Locker Key unlocks your alignment-specific shop.

Now for the weapons.  As said on the forums, the majority of the weapons will be credit only, and regardless of appearance, there are equal physical and energy weapons with parallel stats.  Just one thing about the actual release of these weapons ticks me off:
"Because this system is new and we want everyone to be aware of how it works and where to get Blueprint scraps, we are delaying the release of these weapons until next week."

And now for the art.  Great job Disturbed!  In my opinion, though, the blue colored weapons look much better than the red.  Or maybe it's just me favoring colors.

Yes, finally, a post on Minecraft!  But this time only because I love destroying NPC Villages.

A few weeks ago, I found an NPC Village.  There are several things I did with it and will do (chronological order):

1. The Burning- Initial casualties (only villagers- interesting...) and most wood-based blocks removed from Village
2. The Repopulation- I introduce roughly 300 chickens to the Village.  I think they love it.
3. The Bombing (CURRENT PHASE)- I'm rigging landmines throughout the (already ruined) village.  I don't set the TNT off, the chickens do!  It makes it all the more fun to see the chickens blow themselves up!  (I know, I sound so cruel.)
4. The Discovery- I plan to completely kill off the chickens, then I will introduce about 5-10 Villagers, who I pretend are adventurers who have discovered the ruins of a once-great cilvilzation.  (It's all about the storyline.)

And maybe that should be it?  The Villagers settle, have kids, blah, blah.

I do have another segment on MQ coming up later, but for now, I need to publish this because it's getting late and I don't like draft posts.

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