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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

~MQ~ Valkyrie Prime Review

^Click this caption for some more info on the Valkyrie Prime.
Really, the Valkyrie Prime mecha, released last Friday, ain't all that bad.  It's actually very good for its level.  My Non-Gem, Non-SC Valkyrie Prime N-29 can even beat some Star Captain Monthly Mechs.
It's like the better, stronger, faster version of the mechs in the EMT shop that you unlock somewhere along the hospital job line.  That line of mechs is geared for low-levels, so it ends at 17, both NSC and SC.  Planet Romero seemed like the perfect place to revive the whole Valkyrie (what are those?) idea, with Nurse Helia and all that.  So here's the Valk Prime!
I haven't tried the hospital line of mechs yet, so I can't compare.  But compared to my other mechs, the Prime still shines! (Yeah, I know, it rhymes.)  It isn't plain noobish (Sliver Nubertron SE), it's got some more variety than my Nether Hover, and it has a steady damage output (unlike GLaDERP Security).  However, there are still mechs that can compare to the Valk Prime, but few.
Now onto the weapon parts!  The front arm, Optic Assault, is great for going on the defensive, besides having a rainbow-y attack animation.  The back arm, Precision Spear, has a good chance of dealing a critical, while always leaving a DoT (Damage over Time, for you noobs out there) that damages your enemy's energy.
The shoulder weapons are what makes the Prime "reminiscent of a Paladin".  They heal your mech while dealing damage.  The Holistic Remedy shoulders should never be removed.
The head weapon, Surgical Mindset, probably deals the most damage out of all of the weapons on the Valk Prime.  It hits 5 times with increasing damage every time, going well beyond the damage range (my version can hit up to a 150 with it).  It adds to your Boost and your Bonus to Hit.
Valkyrie Prime, the simply-named body weapon, is the second-most powerful weapon (on par with Precision Spear), deals two kicks to the enemy.  The first kick reduces immobility resistance by 30 and has a chance to deal an HP DoT.  The second kick decreases immobility resist by 50 and attempts to stun the enemy, which should be stunned after having its immobility resist lowered by 80.  It also has a chance to deal an EP DoT and a direct damage to the EP of the enemy.
This mech is jam-packed.  Just like my last blog post.  Rating: 5/5

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