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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The plate goes click. The TNT goes hiss. The piggie goes boom.

Some photos before I actually get into the post.

  <Staff- based off of the Lawman's Crystal Staff.
<Wrist Blades (I draw these a lot, along with swords)
  <Rare appearance of a club I drew (now you can see why I don't draw them much)- sorry for the lighting issues

~~Minecraft-- RCEs (Remotely Controlled Explosions)
I've got two things to talk about in Minecraft today.  One concerns the title and the other does not.  Firstly, I will talk about the sudden overpopulation of Snow Golems in caves and apologize for any inconveniences caused.
If you've made them before, you probably know that Snow Golems are great to watch as they lob snowballs at unsupsecting zombies.  They also fit in with the taiga environment.  Just one issue.  They melt.  They melt when in contact with water, with lava (extra-hot- Snow Golems don't like spicy things), and things like that.  Sure, SGs last longer in snowy environments, but just a little longer.  Putting them underground solves the problem.
Proof: A test.  I placed some SGs in a covered underground pit and viewed them through a trapdoor (apparently heat does not come through a trapdoor, although light does).  They lived until I accidentally spawned a Spider in there.  Since Spiders tend to jump a lot, by the time I had killed the Spider, all of the SGs had been killed and there were a couple of holes leading into the Void. Just kidding.  I mean they lived forever.  They're still there.
And now for the featured presentation- RCEs, which if you didn't read the heading, are Remotely Controlled Explosions.  They're really fun- I swear!  It's more civilized then just making TNT-filled tunnels and blowing them up by flint and steel.  I mean, the concept of the TNT tunnel is great, but why not add in a couple of Redstone Repeaters and a Redstone trail?  Then, when the plate goes click, the TNT goes hiss, and the piggie goes boom, you can say that you aren't responsible for the incident, although I've heard that pigs are smart and can figure that one out.  (Well, if they know, kill 'em.  Nothing like some cooked porkchops to end a day full of sonic booms.)
Come on.  Just try it.  Here, I'll give you the pigpen to start with.

~~EpicDuel-- Which seat should I take Which weapon should I buy?
It is a bit of an issue for me.  Three non-varium swords to choose from.  (Soon-to-be) 14,000 Credits.  For a Tactical Mercenary, the Energy Rapier seems like the way to go- for a typical tank, 5 Focus build.  The Crystal Laser Sword (I'm Exile) has +12 Strength, lending itself to some creative TLM builds- while leaving out Technology.  Rapier?  Won't even consider it (unless I desperately need something physical).  Hard choices...
EDIT: I went ahead and bought the Energy Rapier.  I can't tell how I can use it in a build just yet, because at last count (after purchase) I had 6 Credits.  Now I'm wondering if I should enhance the Energy Rapier for 4 slots with the 364 Varium I have left.


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