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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tactical Mercenary Build

Hiya everyone- I've got a TLM build to share here.  Following my recent purchase of the Energy Rapier, I've designed a build that goes along well with it.  This build needs a couple of rare pieces of gear.  Sorry if you don't have any, but they're all seasonal-rare, so they should be coming back along soon.  So...first...the build (separate link to picture here).
What gear did I use?
Energy Rapier (Seasonal-Rare, get it now from the Lawman/Silas Auer)
Carrot Impaler (Seasonal-Rare, from the Bionic Battalion Saga)
Carrierzooka (Seasonal-Rare, coming back for the Fourth of July event, which is in a while)
Beast Master E M (Make necessary adjustments but do not switch elements.  Keywords: Gender and/or alignment.) (Seasonal-Rare, Frysteland War event) (+5 enhancements on dexterity)
Baby Yeti (I used it in this picture, but sometimes, I adjust to Rusted Assault Bot) (Seasonal-Rare, Frysteland War event)
This build only has five enhancements (on dexterity on the armor), but any more enhancements in any stat would work.  The strategy is pretty self-explanatory if you look at my skill tree, but if you can't make heads or tails of it, I'll happily tell you.
Against other TLM tanks and CH tanks, you must conserve your energy for healing (unless you know that TLM/CH has a habit of removing energy, especially with CHs.  Then just go with Field Commander).  If you happen to "lose" any energy (Whoops, I clicked Field Commander), the max reroute (30% conversion rate!) should help things. 
Because this build functions best with any bot that has 10-14 or higher base damage (aka Varium bots only- no Rusted Bot, unless you have no other choice.  But then you'll be looking at 21-25+30, which is relatively low.), I used the Baby Yeti (my only Varium bot on this TLM).  But I imagine that the Gamma Bot would really work (12-16, H4X!- waiting for a Delta Bot).
Against strength BMs, you must try to deal the same amount of damage as them.  You can use Field Commander (but it is risky- Strength BMs most commonly have Azrael's Borg or Bio Borg for obvious reasons, and if you do the math, the increased output in damage for 4 turns usually is less than regular damage output for 5 turns).  I think eventually you will have to rely on the power of the block, as tank healing won't do much ("Last turn of cooldown for Field Medic!" *BM Guns* *50 Damage* /Critical/ /Defeated!/).  You can only hope that their (probably noobier) partner will not troll you and heal them.  (Well, if they do, you should have taken them out first.  But if you're facing two Strength blood mages, well, good luck and hope that the god of Shadow Arts and/or Blocks is with you.)
Against Strength BHs?  Hmmm.  Tricky.  Try to Atom Smash first Sorry, I forgot that the Energy Rapier is a sword.  If you can't take out their Smoke Screen (or Massacre, which is almost always there), try to outdamage them.  Or tank.
Since I've mentioned tank twice, I guess I should tell you that this build is not very tanky.  At the core, it is a 5 Focus build.  If you truly want to become tanky and still keep the robot damage, switch to the Delta Knight (dang- I really should get it for my TLM, but Beast Master has 11% Frostbite chance), but only if your resistance is at least 30-36 (base resistance, don't factor in agility or encumbrance or armor bonus), which calls for heavy enhancements.
Now for choice of robot.  The obvious choice is Gamma Bot, which is unfortunately rare (back then we thought there would never be a non-varium bot) but has 12-16.  The next choices are Azrael's Borg (rare!) and Baby Yeti (rare!), as they have the next best base damage.  Next are the Assault Bot (not rare, although it costs 1250 Varium) and the current Pyro Fly (good for offensive uses: "Derp cannot use Field Medic this battle!"), because they only come in at 10-14.  If you really are desperate (aka nonvarium), I guess you'll have to use the Rusted Assault Bot.  (Oh wait, great idea! Rusted Gamma Bot!  Make the base damage 10-14 and make it cost 20,000!  Forget it, it's a slap in the face to those who worked their butts off for the real, genuine Gamma Bot.)
Just remember, guys, disclaimer: This build is not a guaranteed win build.  This is not a heavily variumated TLM, CH, or BM.  I made this build, therefore it is subject to fail.  It is still in testing.

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