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Friday, June 22, 2012

Below the Surface- The Beginning

Merc1225 sat down on a gray, flat rock.  He was in the mines, a dangerous and unstable place.  The rock ceiling above him could easily cave in, entombing him for the rest of time.  However, the rocks did not worry him.  The possibility of war did.
Only a few days ago, the Shadow Guard who had guarded the Refinery so carefully for years had finally been beaten aside.  As she was hardened with experience, it had taken a party of warriors to defeat her.  She would not accept mercy, but the warriors let her live.  They did not care about her.  They cared about what was behind her. 
The Refinery was a large place, colossal compared to the rest of the Minetower.  It extended so deeply beneath the earth's surface that magma bubbled in glowing, orange pits.  What made the Refinery so special was what it housed- the Delta Vaults.  The Vaults housed things no man knew of, except for a select few and Baelius himself.  It was obvious, though, that the Vaults contained items that were of great power-or destruction.  Both the Legion and the Exiles intended to get to the bottom of things.
The party of warriors, however, did not expect the Mechachillids.  The insectlike robots overwhelmed the warriors, causing them to flee.  However, the damage had been done.  The Delta Vaults were discovered, and no one on Delta V did not know about the Vaults after that, from the captured King Alaric to the program M4TR1X.
Delta V did not need war.  There was enough war already.  The Frysteland War had resulted in many casualties, especially on the Krampus side.  He himself had taken part in the war, rising to the rank of Field Commander.  The slaying of Arctic Guards and Yeti Hulks did not do a thing to stop Alydriah Descarl, Administrator 1, the right-hand woman of Baelius.  This war would not result in any good at all.  Few wars did.
Sighing, Merc1225 teleported away to Central Station.

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