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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Aurum Blade: How to Beat the Chaos Golem

In this (seemingly random, compared to all of my ED madness) post, I'll show you Aurum Blade enthusiasts out there how to beat the notorious (and annoying) Chaos Golem.
If you're one of those people who like to jump into everything without looking first, well, don't.  Even though the Chaos Golem is level 30, it has a lot of health for its level.  If you want my idea of the right level straightup, it's forty.  Level 40.  (But since I was defeated around four times before, I fought the Chaos Golem around level 45.)
As with all battles, unleashing your Blade is a good idea- just make sure that you don't run out of MP (I use that what-do-you-call-it skill that regenerates MP).  If it has a good special, even better (like the Iron Blade- chance to stun).
Like all bosses, the Chaos Golem can only be hit after it has attacked.  After it has attacked and is vulnerable, it will turn a greenish color.  Attack it then.  When it returns to a normal color, it will give you a few seconds to flee.  Don't stand there hitting 0s on the Golem, go hide in one of the corners in the lower part of the area.  Usually, the Golem cannot catch you there.
The Golem has three attacks I can remember.  The first is a gun-like attack.  The Golem will deal damage multiple times while moving left and right to cover most of the room area.  Just hide in that corner.
The second is when it pulls out two axes.  It swings them like a berserk monster, moving vertically (as opposed to horizontally).  In this case, it usually swings its axes toward its target, so you should exercise a little caution here.
The third is when it uses a laser-like thing to attack.  This attack is probably the most dangerous, but not in terms of damage.  The laser automatically goes to where the target is.  The attack gives you a few seconds to evade it before the actual laser strikes (I forgot what the signal was).  Just run around.  Your Blade isn't as smart, and will get hit.  All of the attacks deal around the same damage.
As the battle progresses and the Chaos Golem becomes weakened, it will go "berserk" and start dealing more damage.  All of its attacks will last longer, therefore dealing more damage and making it very risky if you do not hide.
As with all battles, it would be great if you could summon two Blades at once, although I defeated him with a Step 3 Stone Blade (only one of it).
Good luck.  You might not get it on the first try.  But keep trying.


  1. where can I get iron & lead?

    1. You need to use iron and lead dissolving solutions on a weapon or piece of armor. The solution will "dissolve" the weapon/armor, replacing it with a certain type of metal.

      You can buy dissolving solutions from the Alchemist's daughter.