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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Below the Surface- The Second Door

Merc1225 stared at the first door, which was still smoking.  The scrap metal gathered around it was a testament to the brave pieces of steel that had given their lives in battle to shield the Vault.  But apparently it was not enough.
The Legion army was overpowering.  For every Legion warrior that fell, two Exiles were defeated.  The Lawman did not despair, though.  Apparently he still had a trick up his sleeves.
On the seventh day, they finally broke through.  The shell hit the Delta Vault gate, and it couldn't take it anymore.  It shattered.  The Exiles gathered around their broken gate.  They had expected to see what was inside the Vault- what would turn the tide of war.
The Exiles saw another door.
"You can't be kidding me," Merc1225 groaned.
Ulysses shrugged.  "It makes sense Baelius would think to secure the Delta Vault with more than one door."
Unfortunately, the door was covered by rubble.
"So, how do we get in?" Merc1225 asked.
"The Mechachillids," Ulysses said.  "Wait."  He left, and a few minutes later, he came back with two Mechachillids.
"Their arms were made to easily carry heavy rock," he explained.  "They can help with the debris removal."
Just then, M4tr1x materialized.
"Wait a sec," Merc1225 said, staring at M4tr1x.  "I thought you were aligned with the Legion.  What are you doing here?"
"I am not aligned," M4tr1x replied.  "I was merely created by the Legion.  I have come to offer you a selection of moltings from the Mechachillid.  They can resist damage from the Delta Vault's security systems."
"Excellent," the Lawman said, having joined quietly.  "This should give us an edge over the Legion."
"I am not aligned," M4tr1x repeated.
Merc1225 stared at the armors.
The Light Mechachillid took hold of the last rock.  There it was- the second door.
"Should we call the others?" its partner asked.
"They're already here," the first Mechachillid said.  It pointed to the rows of tanks, manned by Exile Footsoldiers.

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