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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Infernal Interdictor Support Build for TLMs.

Hello, everyone.  I just finished a battle in which I ended it by dealing a 47 to a Heavy Mechachillid.  How did I get 47?
Well, my primary damage is 13-16+35-2 (I'm level 33 on this TLM).  That means my possible damage range (at 0-0, both for defense and resistance) would be 46-49.  Now the 47 seems possible, but the Heavy Mechachillid wasn't debuffed.  For that matter, I was not buffed, either.  And the level 35 Heavy Mechachillid has a defense and resistance of somewhere around 20 (Yeah, that is pretty weak).
For those of you who noticed last Friday's early update (the devs deserve a reward) and what came in it, you might already know the answer (also figured out by looking at the title of this post).
The new special, Massive Strike, comes on the Infernal Interdictor weapon (yeah, I have it).  It deals a lot of damage on critical strikes.  Critical strikes already deal a lot, as they ignore 50% of the defense/resistance and deal increased damage.  Well, Massive Strike, which may be the most overpowered special to date (rivaled only by Frostbite, in my opinion) adds some more damage to that.  Now I hope for crits.
And here's the build.

If you've never read the Battle Mechanics page on the EpicDuel Wiki, now would be a good time to do so, as I've provided the link.  It should help you understand why this build uses Support.  For those of you who are too lazy to read or click links: 
  • Rage will cause the next attack to ignore a percent of defenses, dealing extra damage.
  • [Formula] Filled Rage Bar = 40 + (2.5 * Level)
  • As an attacker, rage is gained at a rate of 110% of damage blocked (by the opponents defense/resistance) + 1% per 4 support you have over the defender, up to a maximum rate of 125%. If at a support disadvantage, the minimum rate is 95%.
  • As a defender, rage is gained at a rate of 25% of the damage taken, +0.25% per 4 support you have over the attacker, up to a maximum rate of 29%. If at a support disadvantage, the minimum rate is 21%.
First Strike
  • [Formula] Chance to go first = (firstStrikePoints / totalFirstStrikePoints) * 100
  • First Strike Points = ((yourSupport - (6 * (yourLevel - minimumLevelInBattle)))2

Critical Strike:

  • Critical Strikes ignores 50% of your opponents defense and resistance and deal increased damage. The chance to cause a Critical Strike is increased by Support.
  • [Formula] Chance to Critical Strike = 4 + (Support Advantage / 7)
  • The minimum Critical Strike chance is 1%.
  • The maximum Critical Strike chance is 20%. 


  • Base Stun Chance is determined by the skill. Stun Grenade and Overload have a base chance of 30%. The base chance of Maul increased with its skill level.
  • [Formula] Chance to Stun = Base Stun Chance - (Defender's Support Advantage / 4)
  • The most chance to Stun can be reduced by is 12% (a 48 Support Advantage by the defender).
  • NOTE: Chance to stun will not be increased if the attacker has more Support than the defender.  

Now do you see why I use Support in this build?  I have no idea why people are ditching Support.  It's basically like Luck in other games- it works behind the scenes, and the only noticeable effects are first strike and criticals.
The fact that Support boosts critical chance is the whole reason why I have included it in my build.  Using this build against a typical Level 34 Cyber Hunter (and I'm talking the whole monotonus Surgical Slicers thing), I calculated that I have a 11% chance to strike a critical.  That's pretty high.  And the classic Rage-Auxiliary combo is well, a classic.  And it's fun.
At the moment, I believe Massive Strike only empowers crits on the primary.  However, I do see one problem with the whole concept of a special being added to the Infernal Indictor.  Doesn't it need to be added to the Infernal Slayer as well?  After all, the Infernal Slayer was there first.
PS: I beat Caden on my TLM today.  Simply spammed strength.  Reminds me of those good old days.

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