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Friday, July 6, 2012

RAGEPOST (Now Comes in Angry Civilized Mode!)

I still can't believe EpicDuel can put stress on me.  I must be a serious gamer.

This morning, EpicDuel put out a new release (that's really rare- it hardly happens).  I suppose it was since the Legion had broken through the first round of doors (yes- there's more to come).  There's new stuff as well:
1) Infernal Interdictor- makes the Infernal Slayer look like sh*t, overpowered special (in my opinion), mutating weapon (of course, what else)
2) Mechachillid armor- Legion only-NW tweeted that the alignment to first break through the doors would get first dibs on the Mechachillid armor.  Although it's level 35, Heavy Mechachillid (and level 25, Medium Mechachillid and 15, Light Mechachillid) and all that, it's a shame that they put the first 20-stat modifier armor on such an ugly armor. 
3) Vault Breaker I- a special achievement for Legion only (you can guess why).  You can claim it from M4tr1x (if you're Legion).  1,500 Rating Points.

You might not know why this is all stressing me out.  (Yeah, I love doing lists.)
1) My Varium reserves have run out (EFFFFFFF).
2) It's not very easy for me to replenish those reserves (DOUBLE EFFFFF)
3) The Infernal Interdictor's special is wayy overpowered (and therefore makes it a must-get) (TRIPLE EFFFF)
4) I am an achievement hunter (!@#$%^&*), and that dang achievement...

Oh. I am a serious gamer.

PS: I get it that the Delta Vault has multiple doors, but really I see how the future of this war will play out:
Door Number 2- Broken by Legion (aka Varium-buying grenade robots/humans)
Door Number 3- Broken by Legion (aka Varium-buying grenade robots/humans)
And so on.

(If you read the postscript, I'm sorry for really getting mad this time.  But just think what it would have been like during the Frysteland War.)

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