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Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Just so you guys know how hard it is for me to stop fighting that stupid Delta Vault, I had to drag myself away from EpicDuel (even though right now it's in the other tab).  I have a lot of comparisons to make between this war and the Frysteland War.
1. Special Achievements (Vault Breaker and Infernal War Hero)
For one thing, it's easier to obtain the Vault Breaker achievement than it was to obtain Bombardier (either way, I have both).  In this war, it's only my second day of activity and already I have Vault Breaker.  During the Frysteland War, I had to work for several weeks (no Super Bombs) to get Bombardier.
Sadly, though, the Infernal War Hero achievement is still largely fueled by Varium.  Well, things change and yet do not change.  (That last one was a quote from somewhere.  I'm not wise enough to think of one like that.)
2. The Role of Varium
Varium does play a smaller role in this war.  I thank the developers for that, even though Legion is still winning (but by only one million this time).  There are no Super Infernal Grenades purchaseable from the BombBot, and the regular Infernal Grenades there cost varium (94, thank god).  However, the Super Infernal Grenade is available as a rare battle drop, giving both nonvarium and varium players an equal chance (glares at Smackie El Frog, if you know why, good for you).
Here's hoping to that the next war will not be as Varium dependent.
3. Grenades
At the BombBot, there is only one type of purchaseable Grenade, as opposed to two in the last war.  The Infernal Grenade, at 94 Varium, is really a bit overpriced for a Varium advantage weapon, but who am I to complain?  I'm for less Varium use in these wars.
The regular Infernal Grenade (war drop) deals around 70-90 damage.  The Super Infernal Grenade is a rare war drop.  It deals around 130 damage.
Compare this to the Frysteland War Bomb.  It dealt around 100 damage and had a chance for a critical.  The Super War Bomb dealt around 200 and also had a chance for a critical.  See the change?
One more thing concerning Grenades: Can they crit?  (Envisioning 175 damage Super Infernal Grenade)
4. Ranks (Goes Under Special Achievements)
The ranks are the same as before, except that the developers have added "Infernal" before every one, and the rank color is reddish.  There is also a rank for War Grunt (as you may recall, the beginning rank), therefore rewarding those who have done absolutely nothing in the war with 100 Rating Points.  But is it just me, or are the ranks harder to obtain now?
5. The Delta Vault
For those who haven't figured it out already, the Delta Vault is the heart of the war.  Each alignment attacks its own Delta Vault door.  At the beginning of the war, the Delta Vault had 25 million (I think) health.  It retains a constant 100 Energy.
The Delta Vault has two attacks: two gatling guns and and a laser beam.  The gatling guns deal physical damage and are blockable (they make up the "primary" attack of the Vault).  The laser beam deals energy damage and is deflectable (it makes up the "sidearm" attack of the Vault).  Unlike regular sidearms, the laser beam only has around 1 turn of cooldown.
Possibly to add a greater challenge, make it harder for low-level players to fight the Vault, and to combat anti-Vault tanks (looking at CHs and TLMs here), the Delta Vault deals increasing damage over time.  (Example: On its first turn, it usually deals around 20 damage to me.  Last turn: 12 damage, 12 damage, 12 damage, 26 damage.)
6. Farming
The inevitable question springs up: Can we farm this war?  Well, yes, you can, although not as easily as the Frysteland War.  For one thing, there are no drops of Ice Gems (or any sort of Gem or sellable drop for that matter). The credits come purely from the first battle against AIs and/or players.  (My bad, I just checked the EpicDuel Wiki and apparently there is an Infernal type of Gem.)  However, the Mechachillids are weak (case in point: Level 30 non-variumdefeats a Level 35 Heavy Mechachillid), and half the time, you face them, so I see potential big-time credits!
7. The War Bar
Ladies and gentlemen Hunters, mages, and mercenaries, it's baaack!  The much-anticipated return of the War Bar has come.  On this particular Infernal Infilitration War Bar,
1) The left side displays how much health the Legion Vault has.
2) If you rollover the icon of the Delta Vault, it explains that it puts a shield on the alignment that is doing the most damage (as of right now, Legion).  This is akin to the regular War Bar's reinforcements, and a great addition.
3) The right side displays how much health the Exile Vault has.

This is going to be a fight to the finish!
PS: Happy Fourth of July!

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