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Monday, July 2, 2012

Below the Surface- The Delta Vault

The possibility of war was real.  Very real.  In fact, the war was so real that right now, it was happening twenty feet away from Merc1225.
In a turn from the Frysteland War, both the Exiles and the Legion were attacking the Delta Vault.  The two opposing alignments ignored each other as the combatants hacked and slashed away at the Vault, occasionally throwing a few grenades to soften up the defenses of the Vault.
What was in the Delta Vault?  Nobody knew.  Except for Baelius.  The cruel overlord had secured the Delta Vault with thick sheets of metal, making it close to impossible to punch through the doors.  He had added a security system as well.  Gatling guns and a armor-penetrating laser were added to the Delta Vault gates to ensure the continued safety of the Vault. 
Merc1225 walked up to the Exile Footsoldier.  These soldiers had originally gone through the same training as the Exile Soldiers, except near the end, they had been diverted to a special course.  This one was not for the weak-hearted.  When the Footsoldiers emerged, Level 35 and ready, they were at the front lines dividing the Exile and Legion bases.  There was not much warfare there, as most of the forces were concentrated on the vault.
After glancing at the Footsoldier for a while, Merc1225 then continued on to the Exile camp.  Legionnaires were forbidden here.  The roaming Exile Footsoldiers assured that.
Selina and her father, the Lawman, were in one part of the camp.  The Lawman was the leader of these Exile forces.  He had a bone to pick with Silas Auer, the head of the Legion camp and the Lawman's archenemy.  Merc1225 rushed past to the next part of the camp, and the entrance to the Delta Vault.
Galatea, and her husband, Ulysses, were there.  They were the two officers that completed the group of four.  Merc1225 was not sure, but he had a feeling that Ulysses' reconstructed metal face had something to do with this conflict.
At last, he reached the gates.  First, he saw the Delta Vault, gleaming, armed, and ready to take out people.  Then he saw the Heavy Mechachillid coming at him.

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