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Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Question Answered

I was looking through my blog's stats, until I found the category "Referring Keywords".  Basically, that is when you search up something and if it links somewhere, say my blog, then I would get a page hit and Blogger would record that keyword that ultimately led to my blog.

I found this in "Referring Keywords" today:
Why is everyone a Mercenary in EpicDuel?

Ha.  That's funny.  I'm not sure whether or no I agree with you, but I will try to dig up as many possible reasons as I can.

I assume you must be a lower-level player.  In the lower levels, Mercenaries are a popular choice.  Their Bunker Buster can make for an instant death, and coupled with Hybrid Armor and Berzerker, a typical low-level Mercenary is rivaled only by a Plasma Bolt Tech Mage.  In the higher levels, a Multi-Support build can surpass even a bolt TM.  In a nutshell: Quick Kill.  (In the higher levels, this trophy is taken usually by Blood Mages- key word: strength.)
Most lower-level players are non-varium.  Therefore, the amount of noob (level-wise) Cyber Hunters, Tactical Mercenaries, and Blood Mages running around is close to zero.  So, more starter-class people.
If you remember what I said earlier, nonvariums are essentially left with three choices- Mercenary, Tech Mage, and Bounty Hunter.  And then there's the random element.  Say that people were to choose their class randomly.  We're not robots, but I will assume that the chance of picking one starter class is 1/3.

Ugh.  That's all I can think of.  (I will put in more if I can think.)  But if you don't like Mercenaries, you don't have to join them to beat them.  Of course, that is your choice, though.


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