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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

For Xusha

In case if you haven't heard guys, Xusha (@Another_Savant) has passed away following a failed surgery.  I didn't know her personally, so I'm not going to act like I did.
Prior to Twitter, I didn't even know her.  When I made my Twitter, I discovered that she was an interesting and cool person, so I naturally followed her.
Much of what she tweeted didn't really connect with me, but I do remember her various arts and crafts.
Even though I didn't know her that well, when a human passes away on this earth, it's sad enough.  What's sadder is that she was in the prime of her life.  There were so many things she could have experienced, done, and lived through.  That chance was taken away from her.
None of the mods/devs have acknowledged this, with the exception of Alina, but her word is good enough.  There has yet to be some official post in memory of Xusha, but for now, if you log in to AQW, you will see that Xusha's Curse has been renamed to Xusha's Legacy.  I can't do much, so the best I could do was equip the armor and wear it thoughout my day on AQW.

I'm horrible at writing things like this.  I feel like it's not worthy of such a great person.

PS: And then there were those who thought that the whole thing was a hoax.  But I don't blame them.

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