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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Bot Balance :D

Hiya everyone. I'm about due for a blog post, anyway, and this buff (or nerf) to all bots is good material. I'm typing this from an iPad, so forgive me if something nasty and autocorrecty happens.

But going on-

1) Infernal Android

Even though last week's nerf damaged (and I mean really hurt) the Infernal Android's power, it is still a great bot choice for tank builds, second only to the Gamma Bot.
The base damage is 10-12, which earns a mehhh from me, but then again you must remember that I have used Varium before. It's great for non-variums, though. It costs exactly the same as the Rusted Assault Bot (14k credits).
There really is no strategy to this bot, though, as it is pure damage. Just a rule of thumb: it takes five rounds before the Infernal Android reaches normal damage (although in energy).

2) Assault Bots

The debuts reduction was reduced from 80% to 65%? Cool. Now the debs have to give TLM a debuff. I don't care whether or not it's Smoke Screen, Malfunction, or Intimidate. The problem is, what will the debuff replace? If it replaces Field Commander, FC will go extinct.

3) Azrael's Borg

Basically the same as the Assault Bots, just reversed. This is good for my support BM.

4) Bio Borg

It's special is no longer affected by Azrael's Borg? Okay. I guess that's good.

5) Baby Yeti

So the special is unblockable. Wow, that took a while. Now, what about making "Seasonal-Rare" live up to its name?

6) Gamma Bot

The Gamma Bot is still the best bot around. Good, it's rare.


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