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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Zombie Human Robots? Holy crap.

Hey guys.  I'm back.  And to celebrate the end of this long, hard grinding session that was so boring it nearly sent me to Fruit Ninja sorry, the war, I have

1) Claimed the achievement.  "Infernal Conqueror".  Worth 2.5k Rating Points.  Just what I need to get my BM to 6 stars.
2) Stared at the bots.  Watch the "Spoils of War" cutscene at the Exile Footsoldier.  It creeps me out.
3) Bought a bot.  Still plain creepy.
4) Stared at a holographic Baelius.  My god, does he always look like that?
5) Why the hell is he level 100?  As if the level 50 Zedmyr (when he was released, about a year ago) didn't freak me out enough.  Sheesh, we're on freaking level 35!
6) Stared at the bots again.  They really are stare-worthy.

I love making lists.

Infernal Android: A Good Investment for your Future (and Death)

The Infernal Android is worth it.  Why?
(Yeah, it's a list.)
1) It is the best nonvarium bot to date.  It costs the same as the Rusted Assualt Bot.
2) The special can get pretty overpowered.  It deals more damage each time you use it.
3) It is a human.  Come on guys, who wouldn't want a servant?
4) It is worth it: 14,000 credits or 500 varium (just 500!) to a base 10-14?  Heck yes, you should get it.

However, I hope this is a glitch: The Infernal Android is not a rare.  #RareCollector

What?  Oh, sorry.  That was from my time on Twitter.  I'm getting too used to it.

Expect reviews on the Infernal Infiltration weapons and more lists.
PS: Get a bot!

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