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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Cartoon Wars

Oh hell yes, CW (at least #2) is awesome!
It's another one of those *certain* games, distinguished (well, not really, there are lots of games out there that have this battle system too) by its battle system (defense).
There are 3 CW games, each with a different plot (copied from Amazon Appstore's description):

Cartoon Wars 1: 
Two tribes existed in the Cartoon World; the vicious Color Tribe and their slaves, the Black and White Cartoon Tribe.
For generations the Black and White Cartoon Tribe were treated as property, and forced into slavery.
Fortunately... some with bigger ideas existed amongst them.
They gathered and began a revolt to free themselves, taking the battle to the Color Tribe.

The inevitable war has begun: become the hero of the Black and White Cartoons and set your people free.

Cartoon Wars 2:
After generations of war in the Cartoon Kingdom, King K and his army were expelled with the prominence of Captain J. The people praised Captain J and crowned him as their new King. The exiled tribe swore vengeance as they embarked on their journey to find the King of the Monsters. The second chronicle begins as the battle to defend the kingdom continues!

Cartoon Wars Gunner+:
In the midst of war in the Cartoon World, a king devised a deadly plan to slay the much-praised Captain J, as his presence was threatening the king's position.
Chased with ferocious troops on his back, Captain J fled into the mountains with a serious injury.
The arrogant king, who once hailed his troops for the victory, faces an iminent danger yet again with his foe, Captain J.

I don't really like Cartoon Wars 1, but you can tell it is the original base for CW2.  As in a good idea.

Cartoon Wars 2 is my favorite.  There is the normal battle system, which is a blend of defense and offense (somewhat obvious there) where you must defend your castle from an oncoming horde of invaders and at the same time attack and conquer the enemy castle.  As you go deeper into the game, the enemies become harder (obviously) and to troll you, the game throws in a couple of flying enemies that you can only efficiently take down with your spear-shooting bow located on the castle.  After all, the flying troops available to you are really weak.  Maybe they're airsick.
Aside from that, there is another battle mode starring just your character (aka the hero).  You have to fight a bunch of enemies on foot by yourself.

I really dislike CW Gunner (or 3, whatever you want to call it).  It's just "hero mode" (your character goes out and gets slain by a bunch of black-and-white cartoons) all the time, 24/7.  And as far as I know, the game doesn't end.

And yes, I understand that the permissions are a bit sneaky.  But if you don't want it, oh well.
Cartoon Wars 1: iTunes Google Play Amazon Appstore
Cartoon Wars 2: iTunes Google Play Amazon Appstore
Cartoon Wars Gunner: iTunes Google Play Amazon Appstore

PS: Upon further inspection, I find this.  Interesting!

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