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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Chronotide: First Impressions

No kidding, Chronotide is a scary game.  Either that, or I'm a wimp.  (I have homework to do, but whatever.)
First- download link & background info.  Here.
Chronotide's the sequel to Wintertide, if that rings a bell in anyone's head.  Not for me.  Not for you, either?  Okay.
I'm not quite done with Chronotide yet, but it's already an exciting game that poses the risk of having me pee my pants any moment.
^The Chrono Crystal.

^The more, the merrier.

^Didn't see this one coming.  Good luck to myself.
(I'm sorry if I spoiled anything with that last picture.)

(My god, I really have to do my homework.)

Chronotide carries the air of an adventure map, instilling in the player curiosity and well, a general adventurous feeling, but also gives fear.  In this case, fear that a zombie will come up behind you and eat your brains.  Or falling.  That's a real big one.

In the near future, I see a positive review coming.

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