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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Messing around with Minecraft Maps

Hello all.  This time around, I'm here to tell you about how fun it is, in general, to break blocks that you aren't supposed to in custom maps.

First off: Chronotide.  I didn't do anything grieferish here, but once I got through that Nether portal, I lasted a bit longer, and then I died.  Hint, hint: It turns out after all that Chronotide is just remotely related to Windertide.  Oh yeah, I watched a Youtube vid of this map, so all the fun has been taken out for me.  But really, that is a really really good-looking map.

Next: Insanity.  This is another adventure-type map.  You're in an asylum, and you are trying to get out using your wits.  This map has an impressively creepy storyline and rooms just for Villager parodies of Youtube Minecraft celebrities. 
What did I do?  I couldn't figure out the answer at one part of the map, so I just dug my way out of the room and into a Superflat world.  Good for me.  When I actually got back on track, something screwed up one of the doorways, so for me the iron door leads to a drop 50-something blocks below.  Not my style.  But then I got back in the game via break-in (literally) and I got to the end.  I think.  Let me just say that the game is Ao Oni-style creepy.  (Don't know what Ao Oni is?  Check out my only post that is labled Ao Oni.)

Third: The Tourist.  This map was originally in a different language other than English, but it got translated and I thank the translator, otherwise I would have gotten lost to f*ck.  This map is about a guy in Paris who gets left behind when God comes to rescue all of Earth's inhabitants.  And the map is bigggg.  It might as well be Paris.  It's really well-built and I got to spend a while walking the subway tracks.  However, I can't really progress in the storyline because if the insane lag it gives this computer.

Fourth: Puzzlecraft.  There's probably more than one map of this name.  So I'm going to distinguish it by the fact that it is in Spanish.  The signs, that is.  Which means I understand nothing.  So basically I'm tinkering around with the game.  Case in point: I was stuck on a parkour puzzle.  So I dug out some wool (all those people use wool for their games) and pillared to the top.  It's giving the lag crap though.


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