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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Chronotide: Now in Noob Mode

I'm back again sooner than you'd think.  But it's just so I don't forget anything.
I was playing Chronotide today, and I progressed a bit.

First of all- shortly after I posted my first Chronotide post, I was killed in the ruins of Wintertide by an evil spider named Spider.  So I lost a lot of important stuff- like armor and weapons.
I respawned in the ruins of Chronotide *where my bed used to be*.  Since now I had nothing- absolutely nothing- I set the difficulty to Peaceful.  Whoops, there goes the difficulty of the whole damn game.  But hey- I like playing in Peaceful.  So I continued.

The first portal I bumped into was one to Zentrium Corporation.  Zentrium Corporation, like many other areas of the game:
1) is built in the Nether.
2) is made of many different blocks.  Heck, even different wood blocks.
3) has a spooky air to it.  Maybe it was just be and my Moody Brightness level.
4) has those horrifying diary entries.
5) should have spawned Blazes when I took the Jack o' Latern.  Remember, I was playing in Noob Mode.
6) has really well-done scenery.

Ack, it reminds me of Aperture Labs from Portal. 
But moving on- your main objective there is to get a lever to open the iron doors that lead to the- no surprise!- Jack o' Lantern.  If any of you guys need help in this area, just read a book or two.  (Actually, you should always read the signed books.  They actually have a storyline to it!  Plus, there's that creep factor that makes a Creeper look lame.)

My favorite thing about this area is the room where Zentrium stores experiments.  No, not your little lame plant experiments.  You know...
Also, the fact that in the lantern room they have a Nether portal to exit (well, technically Zentrium Corp is in the Nether) the Nether and presumably go to Chronotide.  Don't try it- some obsidian has been replaced.  Plus, there's no trigger.  And if you take your Flint and Steel, find some obsidian that is mineable (you'd have to sneak in a Diamond Pickaxe), good luck.  You'll probably land in some lava.  But really, that area with the fake Nether portal is almost an exact copy of the functioning ones you find!

Next, after putting the Jack o' Lantern in its correct slot in the Chrono Crystal, I went to another cave/tunnel/thing that leads to the Nether.  This time, however, there was a (about 15-20 second drop via vine to an even lower level of the Overworld.  Then I found the Nether portal.
This one lead to the Nirgal Theatre.  I liked the streetlamps in the background (now with Glowstone!) and the fountain in front of the entrance.  And the theater itself.  The scenery in the theater is very well done.  And the stage.  And the fact that you actually have an audience while you act.  (Snow Golems FTW!)
As you probably guessed already, you have to take the role of actor in this place.  Take your props (Wooden gear and a Leather Tunic) and go onto the stage, where you (in order of action):
1) Chop down a tree (resources, everyone!  We are allowed to craft in this map!)
2) Chop down some cobwebs (I walked right past this one- not worth my time)
3) Enter the Evil Castle (Cannot be circumvented)
4) Take down the Enchantment Table (comes in handy- there are a lot of places around the game w/ bookshelves)
5) Rescue your beloved (the Jack o' Lantern) out of Bloodstone (Redstone)
6) Run away from an angry horde of mobs (Not for Noob Mode!  The Snow Golems can help keep back the mobs via snowball.)

Hmm, yeah, about it.

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