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Saturday, October 27, 2012

On EpicDuel's latest release-

Shortly after my last post, I realized that I was a bit of an idiot to forget about yesterday's release in ED, so here it is.
In my opinion, the most exciting part about this release is the certain bit of loot that Snork may or may not drop.  I'm pretty sure that the devs implemented this one because people wanted the Bio Hazard Husk back.
The Bio Hazard Husk was the best nonvarium armor of its time, and at the moment, the only nonvarium armor with +8.  Well, this Ebil Hazard Armor (no doubt named because of the recent war) is not the best of its nonvarium class, only offering a +9 in either element.
However, it is still worth getting.  The +10 to strength emphasizes the "hazard" part of its name.  The +10 Strength does not exactly match up with the +6 Support, though.  But still- a rare.  So for me, #MustGet.  (Sorry, been on Twitter too much)

Heromart's t-shirt for the tenth anniversary has been released, so (of course) it has a matching item for each game.  In EpicDuel that happens to be Artix's Triumph, a level 32 Physical Sword.
Its stats are overly general- where general, in my case, means a +2 to Strength and Support, and +10 to everything else.  In short, it's related to the Celtic Cleaver.  The requirements are very low (30 Strength, Dexterity, Technology), so this is very flexible.  I like the art, too.  So if I were you, if I had some extra cash, I'd get the shirt.  But in reality- for the sword.  (If I wore the shirt to school, everyone would probably make fun of me for not converting fully to either Minecraft, League of Legends, or some other game that I do not know.  However, those are the same people who quit ED because they could not figure out the math.)

Probably the most important aspect of the release for nonvariums- a new buyable hybrid armor.
The first thing I noticed is that it is seasonal-rare.  Good.  Then I can wait till next year to get it.
Next- that it is a "one size fits all" armor.  Oh god.  And that it has 4 defense and 6 resistance.  Like it is catered to Tactical Mercenaries, what with their Mineral Armor.
But wait-!
1) It has 6 Strength.  For those tank strength TLMs...hmmmmm
2) +4 dexterity, because most TLMs don't need it.
3) +10 Technology.  IMO this is the fact that seals my idea that this is a TLM sort of armor.  Tech-abusing strength ones.

But still, it's good for all.

All the other Harvest gear has come back, including the Harvest weapons and the armor.  It's still worth getting the Reapers- do not underestimate that +14, followed by the +7.  And the special.  It is overshadowed (in terms of special) only by the Bionic Battlegear, but that is now gone forever.

PS: It's a bit early, but Happy Halloween!

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