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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Weapon Pricing in EpicDuel

There are seven kinds of main prices in EpicDuel:
1) Varium-only
2) Credit and Varium
3) Credit-only
4) High Credit-only
5) Credit and Low Varium
6) Credit and High Varium
7) High Credit and High Varium

I shall go through all these, because of the recent prices for certain things in ED.
NOTE: When I talk about price, I am talking about it from the viewpoint of a general level 30+ person.

1) Varium-only
Very convenient paying option if you have varium but are too lazy to earn credits.  This payment style is only a few months old.  The item bought has the same stats as its high-credit counterpart.
Cardboard Crusader (1225 Varium)
Harbinger Husk (1225 Varium)

2) Credit and Varium
This is one of the older, more traditional ones.  The prices usually are 12,000 Credits and 995 Varium, with the exception of a few promotions.
Machine Blaster (12k Credits, 995 Varium)
Dragon Buster II (15k Credits, 995 Varium)
E Megalablades (12k Credits, 995 Varium)
Megalazooka (12k Credits, 995 Varium)

3) Credit-only
This, for a long time, was the only way for non-variums to get their gear.  Items bought using this pricing were at non-varium par, and not as useful as varium weapons.  Typical prices are 14k to 15k  Credits, with 12k for some lower-leveled weapons.
Crysaliss (15k Credits)
Celtic Claws (14k Credits)
Frost Scimitar (14k Credits)
Hazard Blaster (15k Credits)
Soul Harvester (14k Credits)*
Dread Cannon (12k Credits)*
*Do you even know what these are?  I might do a blog post on them and other related weapons.

4) High Credit-only
This is what is bringing non-variums up to par with variums.  It costs a lot, more than non-rare bikes.  I can barely afford this, as I don't play ED much.
One-Eyed Axe (30k Credits)
E Charbinger Sword (35k Credits)
Harbinger Husk (28k Credits)

5) Credit and Low Varium
All of these weapons have varium prices under 500.  Most of them are sold at Zedmyr.
Mjolnir 2 (13k Credits, 295 Varium)
Crab Crushers (13k Credits, 295 Varium)
Twin Phoenix Staff (13k Credits, 295 Varium)

6) Credit and High Varium
These are usually promotions.
Azrael's Curse (14k Credits, 1200 Varium)
Bionic Battlegear (14k Credits, 1200 Varium)
Frost Destroyer (14k Credits, 1200 Varium)
Frost Slayer (12k Credits, 1395 Varium)
Delta Knight (14k Credits, 1925 Varium)**
Platinum's Pride (14k Credits, 1695 Varium)**
**Look at those Varium prices. 

7) High Credit and High Varium
For the most expensive of the most expensive.  Obviously, all were promos at one time.
Frostbane (20k Credits, 1500 Varium)
Azrarel's Bane (20k Credits, 1500 Varium)
Celtic Cleaver (20k Credits, 1500 Varium)


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  1. free artix points the introduction of Epic Duel's Omega phase, all weapons of the same type are equal in potential stats.