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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Infernal Android or Rusted Assault Bot?

Upon looking into my "traffic sources" window today, I found a search keyword that led someone to my blog- Infernal Android or Rusted Assault Bot?

Yeah, that's a good question.  Android or Rusted?  Out of all of my characters (disabled ones included), only one (out of three I use most often) has the Rusted Assault Bot- Merc1225.  However, I did not get the RAB for ReconnaisX primarily because the RAB (get used to it- I'm too lazy to type the whole name out) does not offer a whole lot of strategy.  (Just fixing a debuff.  Compare that to nomming an opponent's unmissables and disabling them for two rounds, or maybe protecting yourself in a bunch of thorns that reflect damage.  Fixing a debuff is pretty simple and straightforward.)  Also, I'm not the most efficient Credit grinder.

However, I still remember when the Rusted Assault Bot was first released alongside the Second Suggestion Shop.  Non-variums were more or less dancing for joy.  Well, I first obtained Varium (on Merc1225, the 2500 Varium package) solely because I wanted a robot.  As it was around wintertime, I got the Baby Yeti.  In most cases, the RAB outperforms the Yeti.  After all, you don't see a Support abuser every battle.  But that's off-topic.  Anyhow, when the RAB was released, I was a bit sour about it, seeing as I used (not wasted) 1900 varium on a pet that *would be following me in-game had Cinderella bitten Titan enough*.  (Not that I actually expected that, of course.)  Whatever.  And, why yes, off-topic.

Okay.  The RAB is good for general fixing of debuffs.  If you haven't noticed yet, debuffs are pretty common in battles, so it's an all-around good bot.  The price- 14,000 Credits, like a top-notch (but no Varium-par stats) nonvarium weapon.  Really, not bad.  And then there's that chance for it to drop in battle.  Just one setback- the base damage is 8-12.  Titan really meant the 'rusted' thing there.  The base damage is scraping the bottom of the barrel.  However, I think it may be possible to have a Tank build using this robot.  The RAB might not help much with its ability- you are a freaking tank- but in 2vs2, it could help your partner.  It mixes the high bot damage that tanks normally get (my highest- 28-32+30, but that was Tech abuse on ReconnaisX) with the low base damage of the RAB.  Even if you have 14k, don't get this just yet- the Infernal Android is a worthy competitor.

Now, the Infernal Android.  This was released in August to commemorate the end of the Infernal War (more like throwing all of my characters at the Vault and the Vault just IMMA FIRIN MAH LAZER).  The 'cool' factor that attracted lots of people was that it more or less catered to all of the population- for nonvariums, a Varium-par robot for just 14,000 Credits.  For variums, just 500 Varium.  No Credits needed!  It's currently the only bot to have two different styles of payment (refer to my last post on weapon pricing).
But what really attracted people was the special ability- Moar damage over time!  It was actually very overpowered at the initial release, abused by lots of people for 'fast damage' and 'quick kills'.  It reached normal damage at Round 3 and hit the damage cap (160%) at Round 7.  The devs fixed and nerfed it, making it reach normal damage at Round 5 and hitting the cap at Round 15.  It's still a great bot though.

So, in a nutshell: Infernal Android for Tanks/5 Focus, Rusted Assault Bot for general use.


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