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Sunday, December 23, 2012

On Dungeoneering With Other People

What a boring title.  I know.  It sounds like a title for a speech.

But really, Dungeoneering with others is much different that going alone.  I usually go alone, because

1) Partners are not always reliable
2) Some people do not wait for me to finish skilling
3) It takes a while to get a partner
4) General lack of patience
5) Potentially quicker

But when you go as a group,

1) It is more fun
2) You get that teamwork feel (the very same as the one in Clan Wars)
3) Shared skilling xp (though not much)
4) Go in a large dungeon (lots of work)
5) You can show off your skills (if you have any)

I'm writing this mainly because of the teamwork thing, though.  I consider it the most important.
Today, I decided to go Dungeoneering, as usual.  I did a few dungeons alone, as usual.  Then I went onto World 7.  (W7 is the official Dungeoneering world.)  Someone invited me, and because I would go dungeoneering anyway, I accepted.  Then, that someone (Boulderbare) collected two others before the four of us went down.
Together, the four of us only did one dungeon.  I don't remember much because it was the first, but there was this guy who was always low on health (1-5%), so I had to feed him a crapload of food (and consequently got the Medic achievement at the end of the dungeon).  There was a level 105 who didn't die frequently, much to my surprise.  And Boulderbare had high skill levels in almost everything.  She got us past almost all of the doors (I'm talking about all of the dungeons we did) except for one that required 105 Runecrafting.  Ha, you can't make potions in F2P worlds in Daemonheim.
So we finished the first dungeon, and started the next.  Immediately, two guys bailed out (I expected them to, a lot of people do this).  Two of us was not enough for the Follow the Leader puzzle in the next room, so we left the dungeon and she reinvited me once we were outside.  This time, she pulled together a crew of five.  We went back in.
I remember this party more clearly-
(In order of invitation)
1) Boulderbare- Party Leader
2) Dragon 09853- Me
3) B I G E
4) like a ghost
5) Villian155

I more or less learned everyone's strengths.  Boulderbare was good at everything (that we needed), I mostly skilled but from time to time worked as a ranger and high-level monster soloer (everyone else was unlocking rooms, and I cleared them out.)  There was this one time that I was ranging a level 134 Icefiend alone (For comparison- I'm level 125, my ranged level is 47, and I was using a Spinebeam longbow with Fractite arrows.).  It took me around 5 minutes to kill it (thanks, Rejuvenate- it's seriously OPed).  Villian was a skiller.  B I G E and like a ghost were the relentless fighters, always pushing forward (and making me heal them).  Very fun- I should do this more.
At the end of a couple of dungeons, we added each other to our friends lists.  In fact, Villian155 was on about 5 minutes ago.

PS: Got an UGC ($10).

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