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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Videos+ Moar RuneScape

I've more or less gotten the hang of EoC, so now I don't feel noobish in RuneScape.  I went to the Wilderness yesterday (specifically, Forinthry Dungeon, aka the Revenant Spot) for fun.  Of course, I didn't go in full rune (I don't have that much money to waste).  I went in full iron I had smithed and I picked up a steel sword along the way.  I killed Revenant imps (lowest-level revs), hoping to get Corrupt Dragon.  Well, of course, I got none.  Cool.
I found out that PrizeRebel is legit yesterday when I redeemed an Ultimate Game Card code from there for RuneCoins in RS.  Being the vain RS player that I am (gold-trimmed armor and all), I spent my (hard-)earned RuneCoins on TokHaar Warlord, which doesn't look that bad.  I also bought the title "The Untouchable", because I am a Defense tank.  (My friend reminded me at school today of the Untouchables in ancient India.  Basically, they were the lowest social class, and did the disgusting work that you might expect a janitor to do.  In short, totally different topic.)
If I decide to spend my next UCG on RuneCoins (who knows- I might need some Varium for Omega when it's released), I'll probably get the Solarius Shield (may have spelled wrong) and the Brutal Longsword.  Or maybe I'll wait for cooler stuff to come out.
I know that essentially, everything in Solomon's Store is vain/aesthetic/cosmetic, but I don't like the idea of membership, because I'm usually not sure when I can use a computer- aka not a daily basis.  And besides, with things like membership, once you stop it, it's as if you never had membership.  You'll have to continue the membership to continue your "experience" and continue using your "member stuff".  It's like the addiction of Varium- once you start, you can't stop.  However, with RuneCoins, you can, or at leastst in my opinion.
PS: The ~ is called a tilde.

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