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Saturday, December 8, 2012

On Skilling in RuneScape

I'll say this about skilling- as long as you don't empty your inventory (how wasteful!), it makes you feel productive.

Well, I felt productive, burning logs and polluting the Earth (both virtually and physically) as I trained my Firemaking skill one day.  On that morning, my Firemaking level was 31.  When I went to sleep that night, it was 50.  Is there any argument as to the fact that Firemaking is probably the easiest skill to train in RuneScape?  It's also the most mindless one ever since bonfires were introduced.
If you're wondering why I would cut down logs just to burn them (I'm not really a Firemaking noob, I strongly lean towards combat skills), there happened to be some people in Draynor Village training their Woodcutting.  Dropping the logs onto the ground.  Horrible.  Wasteful.  So I decided to get some xp and I burned the logs like crazy.  (It also helps that I had to do my math homework IRL.)

I would get into how bonfire rewards are mostly crappy, but that's off-topic.

Now onto Mining and its brother skill, Smithing.  Collecting the raw materials required for Smithing is where Mining comes in.  Sure, maybe mining iron ore isn't all that fun, but I do feel good making iron armor and weapons and then selling it at the Grand Exchange.  You know, helping out the low-level noob community.

Of course, everyone knows that people train Firemaking because they want that cape and that skilling gets old eventually.  Heck, did you miss the Evolution of Combat?  Or are you a skilling pure?


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