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Saturday, December 8, 2012

DRAFT POST- EpicDuel- Thanksgiving Day Weapons- Swords, Part 1

 Note: Publishing as is.  I know that the Soul Hawk section is not complete, but I will never finish this.

Oh, by the way...
There is no point in reviewing each weapon- all of the Physical class-specific weapons have the same stat+requirement layout, as do the Energy ones.  The only exception here are the swords and the auxiliaries.  Therefore, I will stop posting these pictures of class-specific Thanksgiving day weapons, as there will be no review to follow.  I'm just going to skip to the swords.

Four weapons and one ice cream sandwich (yum) later...
Okay, now onto the swords.

Autumn Sword
In a rare occurence, EpicDuel has released a weapon for the under-level-35 group.  In this case, for level 22 to 26.  That's low, lower than the third Suggestion Shop, which was packed with not-at-the-level-cap weapons.
The Autumn Sword's stats (+6 strength, +5 dexterity, +4 technology) make it a good general weapon for a level 26 and maybe even a strength sword.  It's cheap, cheap compared to what most mid-levels have in their credit funds (5500 credits).  The only requirement which seems out of the ordinary is 36 dexterity.  All in all, if you have a low-level, get it.

Bounty of Souls
Look at the AQW-like art here- the skull is not as sophisticated as ED's.
But whatever- the stats on this sword (+10 Dex, +7 Tech, +7) are overly general.  The only way this can get worse is +6/+6/+6/+6.  Seriously.  But if you find some use in it, go ahead and get it.
The requirements themselves aren't too interesting.  35 Strength, 30 Technology, 30 Support.  Doesn't seem very flexible.

Golden Harvest
This sword has really got it done strength-wise.  +15 is a bit OPed, I say.  On the def/res stat side, it's got +5 Technology, but no Dexterity, so fear not, unless your opponent also has some dex-heavy weapons.  As an oddball stat, there's also +8 Support.  These stats remind me of the Ebil Hazard Husk (+10/+0/+4/+6).  Maybe a primary weapon for the Ebil Hazard Husk?
Still, the requirements are very easy to fulfill.  40 Strength will obviously be surpassed if this is used for a strength build.  35 Dexterity might be a bit tougher for extreme strength, but it's doable.
All in all, if you're a strength build you might want this sword.  If you jump builds all the time, like me, who knows, you might need this.
Macabre Harvest
This sword is the energy equivalent of the Golden Harvest.  As such, it's decked out in the typical blue color scheme of energy weapons.  I see two skulls peeking out of the sides, but the big plant-thingy on the hilt (a few searches later, it's formally called the crossguard) really takes away any signs of deadliness the skulls may represent.
It has 15 Dexterity, similar to how the Golden Harvest has 15 Strength.  8 Technology is present to further support the 'tank' image.  5 Support is used as an offensive attack stat, supporting the auxiliary a bit.
Now for the requirements.  40 Strength may be a little tough for a true tank.  However, if it's a 5 Focus build, then you're covered.  35 Technology shouldn't be a problem, tank or not.

Sickle of the Harvest & Soul Sickle
These two parallel sickles cover the lower noobs, as in the 15-25 range.  They only cover Dexterity and Technology, and in the predictable format.  Sickle of the Harvest (Physical) has +10 Dexterity and +4 Technology, a weapon for aspiring tanks.  However, Soul Sickle (Energy) should be easier to use, as +10 Technology and +4 Dexterity offers more build possibilities than the first.  
Even though they are low-level weapons, each is still 550 Rarity Score, the typical non-varium score.
Sickle of the Harvest requires 30 Strength, 25 Dexterity, and 25 Technology.  I think that maybe 30 is too high a number.  Soul Sickle requires 25 Strength, 25 Dexterity, and 30 Technology.
Good for the low-levels.

Soul Hawk

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