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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Oh hai dere RuneScape.

Well guys, it's offical.  I'm back in RuneScape.
I went to check out the Thanksgiving event.  The bad part is that I didn't find it.  The good part is that I have become absorbed in RuneScape again.  Namely, figuring out what is new.
So here I shall say what I have found thus far:

1) The Evolution of Combat.  It's taking me a while to get used to this whole thing...
I mean really...
1a) Why does armor give health?  DAFUQ?
1b) Speaking of health, what is the frickin formula to determine health now (before modifiers)?  With full rune, I now have 5920 health.  Listen up, guys: Five years ago, that was 49.  But then, 15 was great damage, and 99 was the max health (100 with constitution cape).
1c)This might not be about combat, but the armors and weapons got a really nice graphic rehaul.
1d) How do you use abilities?
1e) Weapons have preset damage?
1f)Kayle(dude from the Blood Pact quest or something like that)'s weapon has been changed for the second time.  Originally, he had a shortbow.  Then, RS changed it to a sling to make it more noob-friendly(no arrows required).  Now, what's this?  Kayle's Chargebow?
1g)Do you realize that daggers are the only offhand weapons that F2Ps can have?

2)Sam whatever's general store.  Has RS finally moved up and gotten the equivalent of ACs, Varium, Nova Gems and so on with their... RuneCoins?
2b)I haz run out of RuneCoins after buying that Flamebrand Bow thing
2c) Goddamn it they need an earning system for RuneCoins

3)Smelting+cooking interface+probably more.


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