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Sunday, January 20, 2013

My Switch to Cyber Hunter

I've finally made the switch tons of other bounty hunters made when Delta came out.  Well, I'm a Cyber Hunter now.  Weird.
I really don't know what made me do the switch.  Actually, let's go back a bit more.  I had 4,000+ Artix Points sitting in my Master Account.  I was going to save up for 10,000 Artix Points (aka 10000 Varium and 5 keys), but that went down the drain when I remembered how much I wanted the Wraith Weapons (a lot).  So I thought about it.  And then bought the varium.
Now, what did I do with the Varium?  I realized that my love of Wraith Weapons had suddenly vanished.  I still wanted a Varium weapon, though.  So I went over to Rabblefroth.
Rabble did not disappoint.  I went away with Macabre Harvest, which I bought for its suspiciously tankish stats (+15 dex, +8 tech).
Then I hit another wall.  What the hell was I going to do in battle with an energy primary and sidearm as a Bounty Hunter?  And no, I was not going to save up to get a physical gun.  I go on EpicDuel about once a week now (suffering from 'I will play other games while Omega is still in development' syndrome), just to prove to my faction leader that I am still alive and on a computer.  (I wonder what Faye Runaway is thinking of my disabled Tactical Mercenary- if she sees this, Merc1225 is disabled, and yes, it may take a while before I have him back, along with ReconnaisX).
Wow.  That went off-topic really fast.  But anyhow, I switched.  There.  Simple as that.
And then I hit yet another wall.  What kind of build would I use?  Strength was definitely out of the question; that is for people with all varium weapons enhanced to the max who will probably leave when Omega is released. I just wanted a simple basic build (and to balance my defense and resistance.  That didn't work so well, try using Plasma Armor with Cardboard Crusader).  I was familiar with only one in the CH category (don't worry, I know a crapton of builds for the other five classes, as I have played as one before).  And that happened to be a Five Focus build.  Ha.
Note the obvious unbalancement of defense and resistance.  Then add 10 to the resistance.  Yeah, I know.
That's my build up there.
But really, even as I write/type/push buttons at 70 wpm/demonstrate an input-output system, I am still thinking: Am I an idiot?  I joined the already massive league of Cyber Hunters months after their great nerfs.


PS: Since I am a Cyber Hunter, I guess now I shall be arguing for them, which is ironic, because at one time in my ED life I hated them to no end.

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