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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

For all of my Youtube viewers out there.

Here are some of my more recent videos:

EpicDuel- Switch to Cyber Hunter

Minecraft- Daylight Sensors

EpicDuel- 2vs2 Battles

Minecraft- Island of Doom- Part Seven

For those of you who subscribe to me just for my RuneScape videos, I'm currently not making RS videos right now.  It really all depends on what game I'm playing.  (Although I do have an old hour long clip of some Clan Wars battles.)  What game I play really just depends on whether or not the other games are getting boring.

I have an idea about recording Quell and Quell Reflect videos.


PS: Today, one year ago, this blog was created.  138 posts later, I still suck at fighting skeletons.

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