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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.6.0!

This update is pretty full of stuff, so I'll just start now.  Forget any introductions.  If you're reading this, you probably know what Minecraft is.

I'll quote the change log right now so I can give my two cents on everything:

New features:
  • Signs
  • Armor
  • Baby animals
  • Fancy clouds
  • Improved D-pad
  • Stonecutter for crafting stone blocks
  • Sheep can be colored with dyes
  • New block types: Netherrack, Nether Brick, Block of Quartz with 2 variants (pillar and chiseled), mossy/cracked Smooth Stone Brick variants (creative only), chiseled/smooth Sandstone variants
  • New stairs: Nether Brick, Sandstone, Smooth Stone Brick, Quartz
  • New slabs: Sandstone
  • New item: Nether Brick (smelted from netherrack and crafted into nether brick tile)
  • Upside-down stairs, corner stairs
  • Slabs can be placed in up position (needs testing on small screens)
  • Sand and Gravel are affected by gravity
  • Recipes for crafting slabs give 6 slabs instead of 3 (as in PC version)
  • Nether Reactor spawns Netherrack blocks instead of Obsidian
  • The fog and sky color have changed
  • The Nether Reactor now spawns more items
  • Cows drop Leather
Bug fixes:
Melons had several bugs where they would spawn too fast and where they shouldn’t
Okay.  The first thing I'll talk about is Signs.  I actually have a complaint about Signs right now.  They seem to be screwed up.  When you try to type what the sign will say, Minecraft will crash.  That's weird.  (I'm running the latest version of Android.)  So basically, don't use signs just yet.

Armor is much needed by me.  If you have ever seen me fight a Skeleton before, you know that I am not a good fighter.  Armor is crucial, and now it is here.  I can now fight Skeletons in full iron in MCPE.  Yesss.

I've been trying to make two sheep mate, and so far, there is nothing.  Hmm.  I'm doubtful about the whole 'baby animal' thing right now.

Fancy clouds?  I really don't care.  I don't play with clouds, anyway, even on the PC.

The D-pad does seem to be better.  Now, when you move forward, two additional smaller buttons pop up.  With those, it is possible to walk diagonally.  It's great.

So there's a new Stonecutter block.  It joins the list of blocks not in the computer version of Minecraft (Nether Reactor, Cyan Flower/Rose).  It has replaced the Crafting Table as the go-to for making Stone-related blocks.  Mimicking the Crafting Table too, it requires four cobblestone (I bet in a 2x2 as well) to make.  It seems a bit useless, though.  Why couldn't we just stick with the Crafting Table?

New blocks?  That's nice, I guess.  In MCPE, I've never really cared about how my house looked.  But I do notice that Quartz is among the new blocks.  Beating the official 1.5 Minecraft release to it?  Wow.

I don't really care for upside-down stairs, but with corner stairs, I can make some things look better (forget what I said five seconds ago).

Sheep can be colored with dyes?  Yes!  Finally!  I shall have a red sheep before the day is over!  A reason to smelt red mushrooms has come!

Apparently, gravity is now a force in MCPE.  I actually beg to differ (at least for some part).  Let's say you dug a big underground room in 0.5.0.  The top was lined with gravel that you dug into.  If you accessed that world on 0.6.0, the gravel would stay there.  However, I did find a way to "trigger" gravity in "0.5.0" areas.  Simply break a gravel block, and all the blocks on that layer will suddenly remember to fall down.  The same thing happens if you put a gravel block next to the gravity-defying ones.

Apart from all that, I don't really care about the Tweaks.  Honestly, I think the most important thing in this release was the armor.

PS: Dear Mojang, please fix the signs.   

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