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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pre-Omega Madness and about the Enhancer Cheevos

Well, a lot is going to change.  That's for sure.

I won't elaborate now, just talk a bit about Oz W7 today and the Enhancer cheevos.  First, W7:

Yeah, so it was a bit laggy.  Actually, really laggy.  There were two types of people here:
1) "Take off your bikes!" (Unequipping bikes helps stop lag)
2) "OMG!!!111eleven"

A few mods were here, too.  Charfade was "hiding", and Eventus and Goony (and his copycats) were here, too.  I remember one guy who yelled "Nightwraith's at the Minetower World 5!".  That probably was to help shoo away people.  (A little later on: "Biodome World 7!")

Now, about the Enhancer cheevos.

It turns out that Delta was not the big enhancement-fest I thought it was.  For example, on my BM (ReconnaisX) I had only enhanced a couple of weapons to the max.  I ended up with Legendary Enhancer (top 12.5% of all enhancers) on that character.  It's a shame that ReconnaisX is disabled.
I read on the forums about this guy who spent ~200k on Enhancements.  So I wasn't too surprised that he got Ultimate Enhancer (top 1%).
Merc1225 got Prestigious Enhancer (top 50%), and Bountyhunter1225 just got Epic Enhancer (basically top 100%, if you understand what I mean).

At least all that enhancing of the Dark Ages is over.  Rejoice!

PS: I will be blogging some more after the actual release of Omega (which should be in a few hours).

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