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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

EpicDuel Omega- The Character Profile

I thought that the profile would be a good place to start.  After all, a lot of people see theirs and others' often.
Here's a picture of my current profile:

Well, the name itself is more aligned to the left now.  It's separated by a bar that continues on and on, for the rest of the profile space.

In all of the damage fields, it does not list Energy Damage or Physical Damage now, just Energy and Physical.  I don't see this having too much mass effect, really, just a simplification.

Robot damage has been split more cleanly: Technology Bonus (and damage range) + the base damage of the robot you are equipping (now one single base number) + your focus.

Agility has been removed.  This might be worth talking about in another post.  But notice how my health is <95 (as mostly everyone's is), and I have no +1/+1 bonus.

The 'Character Page' button has been removed and replaced with a simple 'Webpage' button.  (Note: Nothing has happened to the character page itself.)

The 'Cancel' button, for when you are done viewing a profile, used to be where the Webpage/Achievements buttons are.  It has been replaced by an 'X' at the top right corner.  This is very hard to get used to for me  (It's hard to switch when you have been playing two years with the same thing).

The silver Battle Token symbol is gone from the main screen and now rests here in the form of a button called 'Achievements'.  I keep on accidentally viewing someone's achievements when I'm done with their profile (see above).

Not much changed, here, in my opinion.  The more drastic changes lie elsewhere.

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