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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Infinity Blade: Thoughts

There are two iOS games that I know of that have the feature of combat- Aurum Blade and Infinity Blade.  I believe Aurum Blade's big selling point, its "big thing", its "thing worth getting it for" is its storyline.  With Infinity Blade, that's combat, and in my opinion, graphics.
Where to begin on this one?  Hmmm.  I suppose I shall start with the combat.  After all, combat seems to be Infinity Blade's "big thing".

As I said already, I have played only two games with direct combat.  I'll tell you this- Aurum Blade was really more "tap fiercely" than anything else when it came to fights.  Infinity Blade is definitely more realistic.
The controls are simple.  Swipe to slash.  Swipe correctly to parry.  Hold the shield icon to block.  Use the arrows at both sides of the screen to dodge.  With a few exceptions, the word here (at least for me) is 'realistic'.  It reminds me of an FPS in a way- how, I'm not sure.
Of course, this combat system means that it is possible to repeatedly swipe in one direction over and over again in a battle.  Will the rageswipes pay off in damage?

Now for the graphics.  First, let me clear something up (even though this should be obvious already): Infinity Blade is in 3D.  None of that pancake-flat 2D crap.
Apparently, the game owes its graphics to its Unreal Engine 3.  Don't ask me what that is.  I don't know.
In my opinion, this is comparable to Final Fantasy in this aspect (the good FFs).  The graphics are sharp and make everything easier to imagine for me.  Or maybe it's just the castle-like setting that captivates me.  That is a pretty epic place to set a game in.

Oh, and this is not a review.  It's just what I think of it (in case if that was not obvious enough).  Basically, in a nutshell, this game is great and you better get it if you have an iOS device.  There, I even put it in bold.

I believe Infinity Blade's regular selling price is $6.99.  For now, though, it's completely free, and it's definitely worth getting.  Just get it.  Your iWhatever will thank you (at least I think it should).

Get it!  Seriously!  Get it!

PS: I might do some posts on the storyline, weapons, etc...

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