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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Overpowered Builds (at the Moment)

Those builds.  Those overpowered builds.  I would like to point attention to a couple of builds which I (and certainly others) have labeled as OPed.

Firstly- Support Blood Mage.

@_RaynieDays_ (just someone I know on Twitter) tweeted "Too many people use support BM now...fuck I HAD a unique build :'( ".

Personally, I don't know about this.  I haven't encountered these people too often to make it a big problem.  However, I imagine Intimidate (which is a very powerful skill right now, as we are talking about Support here) could be used in the classic fashion.  Energy Shield and Reflex Boost would get a big buff, but this is all in theory.  Remember, I haven't fought too many of them to remember.
Still- theoretically dangerous.

How to Counter: I don't know.  Energy drain seems to be a start, though.

Next, Support Tactical Mercenary.

I don't need anyone's tweet this time around.  I know this from experience. 
These TLMs are like your normal Support Mercenary, except that they have Reroute, which is nasty given that less def/res of theirs equals more damage of yours which equals more energy to them.  I imagine that they could have a high Field Medic to capitalize on that. You never saw that.
In the worst cases, they have Max Poison Grenade for a follow-up attack.  Ugh.  (Oh, don't get any ideas from this section.  Please.)

How to Counter: Use your Yeti to chomp their auxiliary (be sure to strategically use it).  Paired with the core Azrael's Will (which by the way is overpowered too and will likely be nerfed), one's rage can be effectively wasted.

Next, Strength Tactical Mercenary.

Well, this build wasn't triggered by anything.  I was actually waiting for it to spring up. 
I realized the potency of this build during the Infernal War.  Back then, I had my Level 34 TLM and I was thinking of smart builds to counter the Delta Vault (and the Mechachillids).  I stumbled on the fact that Double Strike had a one turn cooldown. 
Bam, instant abuse.  Pair this with Reroute and Field Medic.  Terrific.  There are other ways to make this build even more OPed, but I won't say.  Heck, I'm trying to help out balance here.

How to Counter: Let's hope they put a lot of points into Strength, so their defense and resistance are open.  Good luck!

Next, Support Mercenary.

The classic build from the days of Beta has come back.
This person uses a lot of support (no duh), Artillery Strike (no duh), and an auxiliary (no duh).  It's really simple, but it is effective (teams of them are the worst).  In the worst cases, they have Assimilation, too, to help along with that rage bar.
It's a little ironic, how the changes to Hybrid Armor (now requires support) have actually helped these guys.

How to Counter: Yeti, Energy Drain.  Azrael's Will if you have it.  A lot of luck.

Next, Strength Mercenary.

I consider this type of person to be easier than their strength class counterpart.  A well-placed Energy drain can do wonders.  Just remember to be on the offensive so they can be taken out quicker.
The changes to Hybrid Armor have hurt these guys.  Do you really expect them to have points in Support?

How to Counter: Energy Drain.  And always be on the offensive.

Basically, guys, mercenaries are as dangerous as f*ck right now. 
PS: I should do a post on the Azrael weapons (promo), as they are worthy of one. 

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