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Sunday, February 24, 2013

How Did I Respond to this Burst of OPed Builds?

Yeah.  For the most part, I just stuck with my regular 4 Focus, 115 Health build.

Then I got creative.  I (kind of) joined the dark side (Support to be exact).  Except I added my unique hybrid touch.
Here's a bigger picture-

Allow me to dissect this build, starting from the top down.
Field Medic: 5 Field Medic for a quick comeback.
Cheap Shot: Really no use except as a last resort (and I mean last).
EMP Grenade: Practically an essential for every Cyber Hunter.
Plasma Armor: Might as well capitalize on this, as I have 45 Technology.
Static Charge: Conveniently at 25%.  Sure, energy return is a little small, but after Level 6, the % per level lowers a lot.
Defense Matrix: For that Smoke Screen.  Level 2 makes it +24 Defense.
Malfunction: Level 7 brings my Malf above 40, which is a nice, solid number.
Plasma Grenade: Just so you can be prepared for any situation :P
Massacre: Again, this is to adapt to all possible situations.  I am taking advantage of the excess energy that everyone has here.  I usually do 40-45 damage, and then supplement that with my auxiliary (or the other way around).  Very good in my build.

Now for my stats. 
95 Health will always be a Health cornerstone.
72 Energy is my bare minimum.
I have 5 Focus stats (45 on everything) because of the +30 that is added to my robot damage.

My weapons are pretty average, except for my claws (when I use Massacre) and my auxiliary (well, 16-20 is low compared to the other Support builds you see out there).  My robot is a big advantage.  It serves as my only physical attack (yeah, having only one that needs a three turn cooldown is a bit risky) and a good energy attack (when I wait long enough, usually after Massacre, Generator, and Auxiliary).

My cores are:
1) a useless Icy Chill on my blades
2) Generator, which is useful every once in a while (more useful in other builds, actually)

Now for the stats on my weapons.
Blades: Energy, 32 Damage, +0/+7/+3/+8.
Gun: Energy, 33 Damage, +0/+7/+2/+7.
Armor: Hybrid, +7/+2, +0/+6/+5/+6.  Has Generator Core, which might come in handy.
Auxiliary: Energy, 37 Damage, +0/+5/+4/+4.
Robot: Physical (special is energy), 12 Base Damage, Infernal Android.

I should be making a Youtube video of this soon.

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