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Monday, March 4, 2013

Omega Tank (Sort Of)

Last Friday's ED release really screwed things up for my hybrid build (see last few posts).  Support has been nerfed and needs more points for the same amount of damage.  Hardcore support players (for example, 30-36 aux damage before the nerf) could still reasonably play, but my build used a little bit of support, and not a lot.  So I went with the flow.  I decided to make a tank build.

First, I started with my item stats.  I restatted everything to put all possible points into Dexterity and Technology.  Any extra points went into strength.  I was completely shunning Support here.

Then, I designed my build.  A high level Field Medic is a nice feature of any tank, as it allows tanks, which normally already take a while to punch through, to live longer.  My level 6 Field Medic heals 49 health points, which is a considerable chunk.  Max Plasma Armor is a must, in my opinion, as it allows for more resistance.  Level 6 Static Charge is a nice round number- 25%.  I have one level in defense matrix in case if anything goes wrong with my dexterity.  I put seven points into Malfunction.  The rest went into EMP Grenade, as those Support (and generally any type of) builds are still annoying and need to be taken care of.

More stats: this time of my weapons.

I don't think that the Generator core is a must, it's just left over from my other builds.  Used in this one, though, it heals 23 health and recovers 5 energy.

My technology-based robot damage is nothing special (12).  Robots are still a powerful weapon of tanks, though.
 And that's it!

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