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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Finishing EpicDuel's Last Set of Frysteland Missions

Okay, so now Omega 1.5.5 is out for ED, and there are a lot of new missions.  So that means that it's time for me to cover them (in chronological order).

Rabble's Vendetta
Location: Rabblefroth, Minetower
So Rabblefroth wants you to fight five yetis.  (Oh, a Frost Reaper counts.)  This should be pretty easy unless you're at the lower-level end of the spectrum.  And 1000 Credits isn't too bad, either.

Food for the Gods
Location: Titan, Titan's Peak, Frysteland
Rabblefroth has sent you to Titan for more information on the Endless, and Titan only wants you to get dessert for him.  You must be his personal assistant.  But 500 battle tokens is worth it for a slice of cake.

Cold Comfort
Location: Krampus Warrior, Frysteland
It's a little lame how Titan can't walk a bit to get to the Krampus Warrior just outside of Titan's peak.  But the warrior tells you that you have to get five yeti pelts.  This can be a little boring, as the drop rate of the pelt decreases with each tier of yeti (Frost Demon>Yeti Hulk>Frost Reaper).  Oh, and I didn't know that the Reaper and Demon count as yetis.  They don't look like it.

New Allegiance
This is stupid- the warrior can't walk over to Alaric, who just happens to be next to him.  Instead, you can play messenger again.  Alaric wants 12 PvP wins out of you- something about training (I forgot).  This took a while for me, though, as I do 2vs2.  If you mainly play 1vs1, this might be a little quicker, although if this mission was not here, I would have finished the storyline *much* sooner.  But as always, Credits help ease the pain (and freaking boredom of knowing that you are just fighting to complete a mission).

Location: Edgar Boothe, Frysteland
(I like the name of the mission.  All Caps certainly has its effects.)
So Alaric has made Boothe the Shaman.  (What about Aldhagrimm?)  He's using your Summoning Stone* to summon the Endless**, and indeed, when you fight the Elite Yeti, the Endless will be right there, and the Yeti will be a hell of a lot easier to beat.  And of course, you savagely rip take its horn as a trophy after the Yeti's defeat.
Oh, and one can infer that every Shaman can only summon the Endless once in his/her life (read the mission text after completion).

*Note about the Sumonning Stone
I don't think you actually need the Stone to complete this mission.  After finishing the entire chain, I still have it.  And the Stone was never a requirement to complete the mission.  Therefore, you can just start at Rabble without having completed any of other Frysteland 2013 missions.

**Note about the Endless
He looks pretty cool.

The Torch Passes
Location: Aldhagrimm, Frysteland
Boothe wants you to take the Horn to Aldhagrimm.  You get the Endless Guardian*** cheevo, which is worth 2000 rating points.  Sweet.

***Note about Endless Guardian
I thought storyline cheevos were always at 1000 (exception being the Bionic Battalion: 750,750,1500).


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