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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Exploding Chickens- H4XX!

I added videos today on my previous blog posts Secrets of the Expert ED Filmmaker and Game Expansion... Finally.

I changed builds today on my mercenary for a far more versatile build.  I think I remember the stats so you can replicate this if you want.  Remember, to really replicate it, you need same exact everything.  That said...
Hero's Heart Set
Headhunter SMG(Enhance: +2 dex)
Carrierzooka(Enhance: +1 dex)
Beast Rider E (Enhance+5 dex)
Rusted Assualt Bot/Assualt Bot/Baby Yeti  (One of the Assualts for preferred results)

Field Medic: 37 Health Points
Double Strike: 23% More Damage
Hybrid Armor: +6 Defence | +6 Resistance
Field Commander: 23 Strength Points
Intimidate: 16 Strength Points
Bunker Buster: 56-62 Physical Damage
Artillery Strike: 31 Physical Damage
Maul: 25% Chance to StunSurgical Strike: 60-66 Energy Damage
Atom Smasher: 48% Conversion

Pros of this build:
1. You can bunker buster and still have enough for a heal.
2. This build has a strength backup- unfortunately, it's only in energy.  Will be looking for a possible physical primary.
3. It's versatile- no bunker buster?  Surgical strike!
 Cons of this build:
1. If someone emps you, game over.
2. Two energy weapons- and the physical ones are sh*t.
3. If someone malfs you and you don't have a buff reducer, it's all over.  Why you need an assualt bot.

Yes, I do play FarmKill.  For those of you not in the know, FarmKill is an app for both iPhone and iPad.  Link's here.  So fun, yet it's free.  You just kill zombies with a strategical twist.  Anyhow...

Days 12-21
These... are... just... wierd.  I quickly learn the use of the Iron Gun.  I realize that Barb Wire is somewhat better than Brick Wall.  Things like that.  And, most surprisingly, I learn that you can replay levels to earn cash when you've fallen on hard times.  I do this over and over again until Geezer cuts the amount of cash I earn by half, leading to 1/4 of the initial level play.  I start cursing rapidly whenever hordes of zombies come my way(most recently, Day 21).  I wonder if you can beat that level where you have to use the Shotgun to kill the tons of zombies that unexpctedly appear with a Woodgun.
By the way, Geezer's way too funny.  When I lose two lives he says "All alone" and then I lose the last one laughing.
Things never to buy:
Chicken Bombers: Buy the Coop instead.

I suppose I'll be updating that list in the future.



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