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Friday, February 24, 2012

Game expansion... Finally.

Well guys, I'm going to *try* to expand from just EpicDuel.  After all, this blog is called "My World of Gaming", not "My World of EpicDuel".

New release today!

No, I will not get into these weapons.  They are all variants of some low-level varium weapon.  Not worth my time.  No way.  However, it is worth mentioning that these "broken" weapons(PvP drops) can be repaired at Ulysses for a fraction of their original Varium price.

Circuits and Steel-
Ya know, the Alydroid is too easy.  And you get a Heartcracker Bomb! Yippee!  @NegaWraith
I love how the devs put this mission in all caps, as the Alydroid does in fact talk in all caps(Battle it, and you'll see).  The Override Chip *somehow* causes the Alydroid's Head to sever itself from the body... Interesting technology we've got here...  @Alydroid
Set the World on Fire-
Four Heartcracker Bombs.  Override Chip as a reward.  This is one of those main missions that have sub-missions.  @Shadow Guard
Transaction 77782-
Again, as stated in the mission title, just another day for Mirv.  Lol.  Shouldn't be too hard.  @Mirv
Not bad.  Just waste 500 Credits towards a cheevo.  Not bad.  But Selina's such an idiot.  The Legion Resistance is at stake here, and all she cares about is her... WTF is a "hootenanny"?  @Selina
Let the Colors Burst-
Ooh, the mission where you get the cheevo!  Heart Destroyer, 1k, just like its counterparts.  Just turn in the Droid Part.  (We all know which droid, and which part...)  @Exile Leader
Hearts on Fire-
5 energy packs for a bomb.  Not bad.  But why, why, why in Frysteland?  @Krampus Technician

Droid Part-
Alydroid's head.  Gross.
Override Chip-
Otherwise known as Insta-Death.

Heart Destroyer- Awarded for completing the final part of the Heartbreaker Saga.

Founder Bike- Oh so flashy.  2270 Rarity Score, and it's a Bike.  =_=
Anyhow, flash of inspiration-
Primary: Beta Brutalizer
Sidearm: Beta Blaster
Auxiliary: Beta Bazooka
Armor: Founder Armor
With this bike, how's that for a great look?  (Oh no, not for battle.)

It's been a while since I was last on, but Roblox is a great place to exercise your building skill.  I just have too many ideas flooding into my head...

Ao Oni
 EDIT: Added video on 2/26/12.

This game isn't that well-known, but it's a great Horror game.  On days that I do play this, I will inform you.  Promise.  P.S: Very scary.  Very. 

Annnnnd, I suppose that's it!

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