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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Secrets of the Expert ED Filmmaker

EDIT: Added video on 2/26/12.

Uploaded another ED vid today.  Here's the link: Hope you enjoy it, and remember to subscribe!  And yes, this video is a level old.

This leads me to think about those who post videos on YouTube about EpicDuel.  Some of them are even mentioned in the ED DNs(namely, Elf Priest JZaanu, she appeared in the DNs around the time Fame was released becuase of her Youtube ED vids that have everything from Weapon/Armor Demonstrations to account security- she truly is great).  I realized some of the secrets of the common ED Filmmaker.

1. Be friendly to your viewers.  Most posters start their video off with a friendly hi and what they are going to do, unlike me.  I just get right to the point.  :)

2. Speed up the video.  It's when I started posting videos that I realized... EpicDuel has an unbearable amount of lag(no wonder why they were against the idea of 3vs3).  About a week ago I found this great video editing tool that luckily has a speed tool built in(download here).  I plan to repost all of my old videos to make them quicker.

3. This is not any old day.  I mean, seriously, who wants to view a 2vs2 or 1vs1?  Unless it's got some famous player in it.  Most ED Videos are either walkthoroughs for npcs/missions, certain build videos, or just plain social life.  I think all of my ED videos are npc walkthroughs.

4. Show it off.  If you beat a certain acheivement npc, at the end of the video go open your achievements and view the new one!  Mouseover it or something!

5.  Add in some music.  Pretty much all posters add in music, because as you might know, EpicDuel has next-to-nothing sound.  Unfortunately, I don't follow this rule- my ED videos are mute, as a matter of fact, so are the rest of mine.  Why?  Well, what's hot and what's not?  I don't regularly listen to music.

6. How'd you do that?  People probably will want to know your build if you're beating a certain npc.  Just show your stats sometime during or after the battle.


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