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Friday, April 20, 2012

RuneScape? Hmmm...

Hello people.  Sorry that I'm not updating this blog as much as I should be. (Contains images.)


"The penultimate chapter of the saga..."
At least, that's how I think it went in the 'What's New' box.

The Archives really do look great, graphically.  I see that they have moved Lepus and redone her animation.  So now, her nose twitches, and then, when she makes her discovery, her ears go straight up and she waves her paws wildly.  Are they aiming for 'cute' here? O_O

Too bad they moved the release back.  'Nuff said here.  BUT...

I will now present a very interesting ED discovery:
I was surfing the DNs archives today when I found a post (written by Nightwraith) with this picture:

One should note that this post was written early April.  Anyhow, do you see what I see?  If you don't, I'll tell you: NW has equipped the Overlord E Shotgun in this picture.
And then one should note that Old Fortune City (along with its corresponding weapons, including the Overlord E Shotgun) was released late August.
Huh.  Must be a developer thing.

And one more thing.  Yesterday, I was looking at Cinderella's Twitter, when I saw a conversation.  The asker asked what the Blueprint Scraps were for, and she replied that they would be of use in another saga.  I'm guessing that the Blueprint Scrap missions will soon go rare.  Better to be safe than sorry, people.  Hurry up and get those scraps.


First things first.  How that minecraft file crashed?  That world is now offically buried.  So much for exploration.
I haven't taken on any major Minecraft adventures lately, as I've been spending more time in EpicDuel.
This is such a disappointing section.  Sorry guys.


So lately, my friend's been back on RS.  Prior to this blog post, I did not really mention anything about RuneScape on this blog.  I have an old account on RS, almost five years.  It's something like a light switch: on, off, on, off.
RuneScape was a nice game back then, and I liked it.  I quit it because, well, my friends moved on to other games, and I liked to stick to them.
I temporarily took a break from EpicDuel last summer, as I returned to RS.  It was then that I really discovered RuneScape.  When I played it for the first few months/years, all I knew was combat (thusly leading to the fact that my sisters had higher level production skills while I was a higher combat level.
Enough of that story, even though I used to go revenant hunting with my two friends (when I was still relatively new to RS) there's more to it. 
I went on last night and tried the Squeal of Fortune.  Meh.  My opinion?  Made RuneScape worse.
So, if I feel like it, you might be seeing more of RS in this blog!


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