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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Well, this is certainly interesting...

Hello again, guys.  I was originally going to hold this post off until later, but it seems that there are a few things I want to talk about.

EpicDuel- Delta 1.4.4b

That's it?

With this release, the Bionic Battalion saga concludes.  Also, there are a few interesting things here that were not entirely new with this update:

  • Xraal is one of the Order.
  • It is assumed that the Order is Sekk, Navarro, Tamaril, and Xraal.  But how come Xraal doesn't look like them?
  • This is all the Slayer's fault, but on the flip side, if he weren't here, you wouldn't get up to three thousand rating points.
  • One of the "dangerous areas" in the Biodome (to the right of ElectroHazard) has been unblocked.
  • ElectroHazard is a vegetarian.  O_O     Wait a minute.  Oh, wow.
    • Quoted from Myxoma:  
      • Like the 'do? Not my usual style, but it's worth it
        for the answers concealed in the Archives. That
        Hazard blocking our path got a mouthful of the
        techno-organic poison
        I used to dye my hair,
        and a headful of new programming, so he
        shouldn't be a problem for us any longer.
The Bionic Battalion cheevo is worth 1.5k rating points, making the BB Saga rating points on par with the HB Saga rating points.
It's a very nice story, the whole saga itself.  At least the only human in this one (at least "main character") is the player.  And an underground place storing history from the very beginning of time--controlled by robotlike creatures--advanced civilzation beneath the ground-- See, this is how sci-fi novels start.  Oh yeah, and Mr. Cottontail really had me on a cliffhanger for weeks- What are the Archives?  Now, it's How does he know about them?

One note about this final round of saga missions.  There are two types of saga missions this time around: Those that reward Equipment Packs, and those that reward Carrots.  You need to turn in four Packs to Myxoma (who has been relocated to the entrance of the Archives), who will give you Spare Parts.  You need to turn in the Spare Parts to Mr. Cottontail, who will then award you the cheevo.
The other type is the "Blueprint Scrap" type.  No player knows the use of the Blueprint Scrap, yet it just seems important, so we collect it from a mission.  (It will probably be used after the Saga conclusion.)  You have to turn in the Toxic Sludge from last week to Lepus for the Scrap.  Otherwise, you will have to buy it from Myxoma for 2,000 Credits.  By the way, Lepus has a mission that awards two thousand credits upon completion, so that oughta help.

One last note: This week's Saga missions feature some pretty tough high-level enemies.

Balance Changes... for the Fiftieth Time.

Well, it appears that RabbleFroth is at it again!  This week, I can report that the planned nerf for Tech Mages has arrived.  It changed Plasma Rain's improve stat, so now, it improves with Dexterity.  By the way, this also hit Blood Mages pretty hard.  But, the equation must be balanced.  So now, Super Charge improves with Technology.

My god, I'm seeing some pretty good builds.

 ^My ideal inventory, assuming I was a nomad and that this would be the only time I would cheat in the world.

Three-Cheese Combo

So I was out searching for a stronghold today.  I was flying, throwing eye after eye after Eye of Ender.  (I was in Creative.)  Eventually, I gave up and set down in a little cave.  Going inside the cave, I kept on walking until I realized that I had uncovered an underground lava/water chamber.  Seeing as I had given up on my search, I jumped down. 
I was walking along the water until I realized Minecart Tracks were poking out.  Naturally, I ran over to investigate and confirmed it was an Abandoned Mine Shaft.  So now I was inside the shaft, just taking down cobwebs and doing my ususal business.
Then I saw an Iron Door.  They aren't generated in shafts, so that had to mean... a lava/water chamber was intersecting an Abandoned Mine Shaft, which intersected a Stronghold.  I think I almost choked.  So I started running around the Stronghold, going *fistpump*.  (By the way, I found two creepers and one regular spider in the Stronghold.  How'd they get there?
Unfortunately, I did not find an Ender Portal as I forgot just where in the Stronghold I eventually traveled to.  And then my Minecraft crashed and as of now, still will not get back up.

And I'm still going *Woah*...


PS:  Some Youtube videos, finally!


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